Azarov speaks about the resignation due to the suspension of the Association with the EU

The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov made a statement that he will resign if his arguments for the suspension of the European integration are recognized groundless.

In a live broadcast of TV program "Shuster Live" the Prime Minister commented on a statement of the People's Deputy David Zhvania about the fact that the Prime Minister and the Vice Prime Minister Yuri Boiko must bear personal responsibility for the failure of the European integration of Ukraine and resign. The Prime Minister said: "What can Zhvania speak about? Is he aware of these problems from the inside out? He can only pound his gums. If I uttered one word of lie, let them dismiss me tomorrow".

Azarov said that it will not be a tragedy if Ukraine renews the preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union in six months, after consultations between Ukraine, Russia, and the EU. The Prime Minister also stated that the suspension of the process of the European integration does not mean that Ukraine intends to join the Customs Union.

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