Residents of Kharkov were asked to take animals of the Zoo under their patronage

Due to large debt (more than half a million UAH) Kharkov Zoo remained without funding.

All attempts to reach agreement with the Treasury to renew funding are for the moment in vain. In order that animals would not die from hunger, workers of the zoo ask residents of Kharkov to take them under their patronage. "One can take under patronage one or more animals for half a year, as well as for a month: we welcome any assistance," workers of the zoo explained.

The corresponding appeal to residents of Kharkov is published on the web site of the zoo. It is expected that not indifferent people will, first of all, provide money because food may simply get spoiled, as each animal has its own diet. The workers of the zoo note that elephants, chimpanzees and predators are most difficult to feed. Caretakers will get remuneration in the form of tables with their names near open-air cages of their favorite animals.

The Kharkov Zoo had caretakers earlier as well. The phenomenon became particularly large-scale 5 years ago. "Then hippos, bears, fallow deer, mongooses and other animals had their caretakers. Mainly private companies helped us, but there were also separate schools, which took care about individual animals," the manager of the scientific department of the zoo Tatiana Tarantseva told.

In past weekends the zoo managed to gather more than 1 million UAH with the help of residents of Kharkov, who responded to the call for assistance. According to the statement of the director of the institution Alexey Grigoriev, made on March 11, almost 80,000 people visited the zoo, and earnings amounted up to 940 thousand UAH. In addition, the zoo received more than 200,000 UAH as charitable assistance from private business owners. However, these funds will be enough not for a long time.

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