The countries in Europe massively refuse from "Eurovision" because of the lack of funds

The European countries refuse from participation in the song contest "Eurovision" on a massive scale because of poverty. The increased cost of the license and organizational costs of a delegation have already given no chances to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria and some other countries for participation. The experts predict that some other states may refuse from participation in the contest.

"With regards to the cost of the project and budget cuts in the next year, BNT made a decision to refuse from the song contest "Eurovision"," the statement of the Bulgarian TV channel information portal Sоfiаglоbe says.

"I understand, why some countries refuse to participate," the producer Yana Rudkovskaya says. "In case of victory they must guarantee that the next contest will take place in their country, and if the states have financial difficulties, they are not able to hold the contest".

The budget of the contest is often too big for small states. For example, $24 million was spent for the regular music contest held in Moscow.

We will remind you that the music contest "Eurovision" will take palace in May of the next year. This time the venue of the contest of the pop-singers will be Copenhagen, as the Danish singer Emmelie de Forest won in the previous competition.

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