Vitaly Churkin: dissidents in Ukraine are threatened with violence

The permanent representative of Russia Vitaly Churkin at the meeting of the UN Security Council stated that all dissidents in Ukraine, including deputies of Verkhovna Rada, are subjected to threats of violence.

The Russian representative noted that the forceful overthrow of the authorities is not acceptable and such action was repeatedly condemned, including, in the documents adopted by the UN Security Council. "Instead of the government of national unity, provided by the agreement dated February 21, "the government of winners" (as Mr. Yatsenyk said) was created in Kiev," Vitaly Churkin emphasized.

The permanent representative of Russia drew special attention to the fact that in that government a number of posts, including the post of the Minister of Defense, are occupied by the representatives of the national radical party Svoboda, ideas of which the European Parliament called racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic and contradicting fundamental principles and values of the European Union in the resolution, which was adopted in December 2012. This very resolution called on the democratic forces in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine not to create a coalition with this party. "What happened with the European values? Do the new authorities in Kiev profess them?" Vitaly Churkin asked his audience.

Vitaly Churkin stated that the real support of the new authorities is the even more radical organization, the so-called Right Sector, the leader of which stated about his presidential ambitions. Herewith, Ukrainian radicals did not disarm, as the agreement dated February 21 demanded. Moreover, they are replenishing their arsenals from the plundered by them army depots and are constantly threatening all dissidents by reprisal.

According to the permanent representative, new Kiev authorities are actually splitting their country in two parts themselves and did nothing to organize the national dialog with the purpose of holding a real constitutional reform.

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