The U.S. news differ from the Ukrainian and Russian, - Lan

Ukrainian NBA «Phoenix» player Alexey Lan spoke about the completely different covering of events taking place in Ukraine, by the American, Russian and Ukrainian media.


«My family is still in Ukraine. My grandmother and grandfather. I keep in touch with them. But I find it difficult to understand something, because in both the Russian and the American and Ukrainian news they say completely different things on what is happening. I‘m ignorant in politics, but I would like Ukraine to all be complete. The country, though, seems to split,» he said in an interview to


21-year-old Alexey Lan is a former resident of Anthracite of Lugansk region. In June 2013 basketball player of 2.16 m height was invited to the team of National basketball Association «Phoenix». «Phoenix» concluded the contract with the sportsman for two years.


Western media write about the location in the Ukrainian-Russian lots of border artillery, attack helicopters and about the introduction of the 10-thousand soldiers of the Russian Federation (according to The New York Times). In particular, the main idea of the foreign mass media lies in the following: Russia concentrated its forces near the borders and soon show aggressive actions with the military. Angela Merkel, John Kerry, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, and the other Western politicians criticized Putin's policy towards Ukraine and threatened «aggressor» with economic pressure.


Citing the Russian information sources, we see stories about peacemaking policy. The reason of the introduction of Russian troops in Ukraine is to prevent the further escalation of the situation. The protesters and police officers were shot by the same provocateurs, broadcast by the Russian media, and the current head of the SSU Andriy Parubiy could cause the acts of violence. The current Ukrainian leaders illegally came to power and aren’t able to cope with the emergency situation in the country. Now and then the news about seizing state authorities and the protests of the people come up. The attempts of the Russian government to settle the situation is not considered as fair. There is an «echo respond of misunderstanding» and all sorts of sanctions from the West.

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