Russia will ‘backstop’ Crimea’s power grid with mobile power plants

Russia is considering transfer of 200MW + mobile gas-turbine power plants from Sochi to Crimea. The decision has been made by the leadership of the Russian Federation to provide the safety net for Crimea in case Ukraine decides to limit the energy supply to the peninsula.

This has been reported by “Kommersant” newspaper with reference to four sources in the energy and transport segments.

Mobile power plants are operated by the “Mobile GTES” company, a part of the FSK EES (a subsidiary of Rossetti). The company has 17 stations in total, each with 22.5 MW capacity. At the end of 2013, nine mobile plants were transported to Sochi for possible use during the Olympics, but the need never arose.

According to the publication, these nine stations are scheduled for sending to the Crimea. According to one of the newspaper's sources, they will be disconnected after the end of the Paralympics on March 16, though another source noted that this could be done sooner.

The mobile gas turbines weigh 150 tons each and are transported by AN-124 plane or by the sea. Delivery and installation takes 2-3 months. At the same time, the station can be deployed at the fully prepared site within two days, at its minimal parameters.

A source told the publication that official Russia is considering the option of transferring the power plants via “Volga-Dnepr” cargo airline using the An-124.

According to the publication, the total Crimea’s electricity needs reach about 1,200 MW while own power generation provides only about 20% of the requirement. Including four thermal power plants, total capacity of 118 MW. The greater part of the total consumed electricity comes from mainland Ukraine via several 220/330 kV lines across the Perekop isthmus and Chongar.

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