National Guard created in Ukraine

Created in Ukraine National Guard will replace the Interior Ministry troops - Ukraine’s parliament approved the Law “On the National Guard of Ukraine”. Guard will be the successor of the Interior Troops of the Ministry of Interior.

262 People’s Deputies supported the bill; the relevant document is published on the official website.

It is assumed that the National Guard will be a military formation designed to protect the state border and to fight against terrorism. Among other things, its members will participate in repulsing armed aggression, elimination of armed conflict, protection of public order and public security.

The National Guard will perform combat and servicing tasks in peacetime and during emergencies. He numbers are estimated below 60,000 people.

Earlier, acting Defence Minister Igor Tenyukh reported that the army of Ukraine have shown disappointing results during the last military exercise. Out of the 41,000 troops, only 6,000 soldiers are ready for military deployment.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported that initially the mobilization will concern Interior troops, after that - the National Guard.

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