The ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine: Parubiy may be involved in the sniper fire at participants of Euromaidan

The ex-head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Alexander Yakimenko in the air of the TV channel Russia 24 informed that the Secretary of the Service of National Safety and Defense (SNBO) Andrey Parubiy could be involved in firing at participants of Euromaidan and officers of Berkut by snipers in Kiev.

Yakimenko argued his words by the fact that snipers fired from the roof of the philharmonic, the building of which was under control of Andrey Parubiy, who at that time was the commandant of Maidan.

"Parubiy managed that building. Snipers and people with automatic weapons worked from that building on February 20," Yakimenko told. "When the first wave of fire ended, many people noted twenty people leaving the building, who were specially dressed, with gripsacks for carrying purposes of sniper rifles, and with AKM automatic guns with optical sights."

A part of snipers, according to the ex-head of SBU, then occupied their positions in the hotel Ukraine. In order to "clean up" the building from the snipers, Yakimenko addressed Parubiy because the group Alpha needed to get to the territory of Maidan (the hotel is adjoining to Maidan Nezalejnosti - ed.). Parubiy refused.

"In order to enter the territory of Maidan, I need endorsement of Parubiy as well. Otherwise self-defense force would shoot my back. Parubiy did not give such endorsement. No weapon could be brought to Maidan without concurrence with Parubiy.  Neither a gun, nor a rifle, including with the optical sight," Yakimenko said.

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