Publication of the newspaper The Kommersant in Ukraine was suspended

The director general of the publishing house The Kommersant Pavel Filenkov declared that the publishing house decided to suspend publication of the newspaper in Ukraine.

"We decided to suspend publication of The Kommersant - Ukraine until the situation stabilizes. But I do not rule out that such a moment will not come: the publishing house had economic problems before and they still remain," Pavel Filenkov explained.

According to the publisher, the major advertisers of the newspaper were companies from banking and automobile sector, however, with the beginning of the political crisis in Ukraine the publication become desperate.

According to ITAR-TASS, Pavel Filenkov promised to pay all debts of wages to employees of the Ukrainian version of The Kommersant.  The total number of employees of The Kommersant - Ukraine is approximately one hundred people. The number of Ukrainian staff members, who will be left to the work for the Russian The Kommersant, is currently being specified.

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