Verkhovna Rada leads Ukraine to the EU again

On March 13 at the plenary session Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the decree confirming the course of Ukraine to the integration in the European Union and determining the priority measures of this direction.

252 deputies out of 345 present voted in favor of this decision. Among parliamentarians who voted in favor of this decision are representatives of Batkivshchyna, Svoboda, non-factional group Sovereign European Ukraine, which was formed in the end of February 2014 and the group Economic Development.

Communist Party and Party of Regions, which was represented only by one third of its composition, did not support the voting.

Before the fall 2013 the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych also supported the course of the European integration and was preparing to sign the agreement about the associated membership of Ukraine in the EU. However, after the inspection of the economic calculations, which showed inevitable losses for the country by making this step, Yanukovych was forced to temporarily postpone signing the agreement, which caused an angry response of the opposition and became an impetus for the development of the political crisis in Ukraine.

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