Yuriy Meshkov is ready to become the President of the Crimea again

The first President of the Crimea Yuriy Meshkov at the press conference, which was held on March 13 in the editorial office of the Crimean newspaper Segodnya, declared his readiness to become the head of the republic.

Leaflets with the appeal of the coordinator of the organization People's Front Sevastopol -Crimea - Russia Valeriy Podyachiy were distributed at the press conference.  This appeal says that Yuriy Meshkov should proceed to act the President of the Crimea after the all-Crimean referendum on March 16.

Yuriy Meshkov occupied the position of the President of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea from February 1994 till March 1995; afterwards central authorities of Ukraine eliminated this position.

On July 13, 2011 the District Administrative Court of the Crimea supported the decree of the Security Service of Ukraine about deportation of Meshkov from the country with limitation of entry for five years. According to Yuriy Meshkov, his deportation was organized by order of President Viktor Yanukovych, and in the process of deportation the former ex-president of the Crimea was supposed to be killed.

In conclusion of the press-conference Yuri Meshkov stressed that the Crimea was an integral part of the Russian Federation as it was before.

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