Abkhazia is outraged by Yatsenyuk statements

Abkhazia is outraged by Yatsenyuk’s words about thriving unemployment and crime rate. These won’t threaten Crimea within Russia, either.

The Abkhazia Foreign Ministry called “false and provocative” the statements of Ukraine’s PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk on supposedly thriving unemployment and corruption in Abkhazia. Yatsenyuk mentioned the republic on the sitting of Ukraine’s parliament in connection with the referendum to be held in the Crimea on March 16.

Ukraine’s PM “depicts the future of the Crimean Republic in the case of its secession from Ukraine” citing Abkhazia as an example. The ministry stressed, “In the civilized world, it is considered indecent to show your own ignorance in public”.

The statement said the Abkhazia Foreign Ministry, goes on to say that recognition of Abkhazia by Russia, on the contrary, had a positive impact on the economy of the republic, which grew 13%, while foreign trade turnover increased three-fold.

“Republic of Abkhazia is annually visited by more than a million tourists from around the world. New hotels, restaurants, cafes and other tourist and recreational infrastructure is commissioned,” reads the statement. The Abkhazia Foreign Ministry also notes that Crimea residents have a right to decide on the status of the peninsula “in accordance with a universal right of peoples and nations to self-determination”.

Sukhumi called the recent events in Ukraine the “illegitimate armed revolution”, which led the current government to power.

“In this connection we would like to remind Arseniy Yatsenyuk that the Republic of Abkhazia is a small, but established state where power is generated by legitimate constitutional procedure through free and democratic elections, rather than as a result of armed coups and Maidan,” reads the statement.

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