The Kharkov Pushkin Theater will stage The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

On Friday, March 14, the première of the play The Mousetrap based on the play of the same name by Agatha Christie will take place in the theater named after A. S. Pushkin.

Detective stories were not staged at the theater during the last five years. Anatoliy Vetsner decided to upset the status quo. He talks about his idea as follows: "Of course, I realize all the responsibility setting about to work on such a legendary material, but I was roused to this work because I saw modernity and topicality in it." The Honored Artist of Ukraine Olga Sidorenko (Mrs. Boyle) and Alexandr Shpilevoy (Christopher Wren) are starring in the play.

The Mousetrap is a classic work of literature by the queen of the detective genre Agatha Christie.  It is being staged by theatres for sixty years already. Stage directors from different countries staged it more than 23,000 times. When the play was staged in London, even the members of the royal family come to watch it.

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