The director general of the airport Borispol Alexey Kochanov was dismissed

Alexey Kochanov was dismissed from the position of the director general of Kiev airport Borispol. The contract with the top-manager was terminated early.

The Minister of Infrastructure Maxim Burbak signed the notice of dismissal of Alexey Kochanov. The reason of leaving of Alexey Kochanov is not known. It is known only that already the ex-director general terminated his contract with the State Company Borispol early.

Before the dismissal workers of the airport held a rally, at which they demanded to suspend Alexey Kochanov and the acting director general of the airport Borispol Alexandr Taranov from their positions.  Activists promised to block the ways to the airport in case their demands would not be fulfilled.

Alexey Kochanov became the head of the International airport Borispol on July 26, 2013. His predecessor on the position of the director general of Borispol was Anton Volov. According to the results of 2013 the net profit of Borispol decreased 3.2 times. Kochanov motivated it by the decline of passenger traffic.

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