Gazprom plans to open an office in the Crimea

According to a source in the Crimean government, currently a delegation of the company Gazprom headed by Vitaliy Markelov is negotiating with Rustam Temirgaliev regarding opening an office of the Russian energy company in the Crimea. The delegation of 11 persons arrived in the Crimea in the evening on March 12 and intends to return to Moscow this morning.

On the eve the former head of Chernomorneftegaz Igor Franchuk published an article "Why the Crimea?" in the social network Facebook, in which he suggested that the office will be opened on the basis of Chernomorneftegaz. "I have always believed that Ukraine should have developed resources on the Azov and the Black Seas jointly with Russia, involving world companies and learning from their experience to build a common policy in the region," Franchuk writes.

The debt of Ukraine for deliveries of the "blue fuel" amounted to 1 billion 890 million dollars. The head of Gazprom Alexey Miller informed several days ago: "We on our part have always fulfilled and will always fulfill our contract obligations. But we cannot supply gas for free".

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