Kharkov’s Turboatom will cooperate with the largest German concern

Turboatom (Kharkov) and Siemens Concern (Germany) have signed a cooperation agreement for the supply of equipment for Ukrainian thermal power plants, reported the Turboatom press service.

According to the statement, Donetsk-based company DTEK announced a tender for replacement of 200-210 MW steam turbines installed in Lugansk and Burshtynsk TPP. The DTEK proposed to develop a proposal, which was drafted jointly by Turboatom and Siemens. Since July last year, the two sides held a series of talks, visited the manufacturing factory. The agreement on cooperation was signed with due consideration of the technical advantages of the companies.

According to Turboatom, agreement specifies that Siemens will manufacture high-pressure cylinders and automated control system for the upper level of the turbine, while Turboatom will manufacture the low-pressure and medium-pressure cylinder. Ukraine has 42 turbines with 200 MW capacity that were produced by Turboatom - in fact, the plant has already designed a modernisation project for these turbines. Turboatom and Siemens have had the experience of joint work - on reconstruction of the turbine on Block 8 of Zmievskaya TPP.

Turboatom specializes in manufacturing turbines for thermal and nuclear power plants, heating plants, hydraulic turbines for hydroelectric power plants and pumped storage power plants, gas turbines and combined-cycle gas turbines for heat-electric generating plants, other energy-related equipment.

In 2013 the company’s revenue from product sales reached UAH 1,924 million 137% up on the previous year. The share of exports in total sales is 49%. The total amount of funds transferred by Turboatom to state and local budgets (via taxes, fees and unified social contribution) reached UAH 334.8 million.

Average monthly wage for industrial staff is UAH 4,403, for production workers - UAH 6,107 - 118% up on the year before.

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