NSDC will consult with the nation on use of military force in the Crimea - Parubiy

Ukrainian authorities will decide together with the Crimean Tatars on whether to use military force in the Crimea, said NSDC Secretary Andrey Parubiy on the press conference on March 12.

According to Parubiy, the decision on the use of force will be taken collectively, by several members of the National Security Council. This problem is being discussed in formal meetings, and every evening the members of the National Security Council are gathering for operational decisions on this issue.

“Moreover, to some of our meetings we invite representatives of the Crimean Tatars. And when we will make that decision (to use military force - Ed.), I'm sure we'll make it together with a representative of Crimean Tatars,” said Parubiy.

Parubiy did not specify what particular representatives of the Crimean Tatars the Security Council would consult.

Earlier acting President Turchinov said that Ukraine would not conduct military operations in the Crimea.

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