Crimean Tatars could join the Crimea referendum

Veterans of the National Movement of Crimean Tatars approve of Crimea-wide referendum and are ready to take part in the vote, said Ruslan Balbec, Crimea chairperson of the Public Council Committee on Inter-ethnic Relations and Deportees, at the Inter-ethnic Consensus Forum.

“I know the mood among the veterans of the Crimean Tatar national movement, those who were behind the formation of the national movement. Their position reflects not only the desire to get a guaranteed preservation of identity in their historic homeland, but also the wish to participate in management decisions,” he said.

Balbec also reported that adopted earlier by the Supreme Council of Crimea bill “On guarantees of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people and their integration into Crimean society” includes points described earlier in the program of the national movement of the Crimean Tatars. “I think that Crimean Tatars will evaluate the document and will certainly take part in the referendum,” said Balbec.

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