“Do not shoot our Russian brothers!” - former Chief of General Staff of Ukraine

Former Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Admiral Yuri Ilyin encourages soldiers and officers to sabotage criminal orders and in any case not to open fire on fellow citizens and the citizens of Russia. The future of the Crimea, as well as the fate of other regions cannot be solved by military means, he said.

This is stated in the open letter by Admiral Ilyin.

“Now, as you know, I have been deprived of the possibility to give orders, despite appointment as Chief of Staff by lawful President, when nobody contested his legitimacy. But I always have a moral right to express my assessment of the situation,” said the former head of the General Staff.

He notes that whoever holds the presidency of Ukraine today, “without the popular mandate on the general election he has no right to order the use of armed forces”.

Furthermore, Ilyin emphasizes that the question of the fate of Ukrainian regions cannot be solved by military means.

“The question of Crimea’s future, as well as of the right of residents of Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Kherson and other cities of Ukraine to freely express their vision of the future of our country, should be solved only through negotiations between politicians, but in no case with weapons,” he said.

Admiral said that any attempt to involve the military into armed conflict look like a criminal offense. According to him, the courage and resilience of Ukrainian soldiers hold the future of not only the country but also the whole world, which is now on the verge of a global catastrophe.

“Ukrainian soldier - the heir to the glory of the Zaporozhie Cossacks and the great liberating army that broke the spine of Nazism - has no need to prove his stamina and courage. Remember that the price of unreasoned actions will be collapse of hopes of our people to live in peace. Keep calm and restraint, do not make the tragic mistake that will be impossible to fix. Do not shoot at our Russian brothers, under any circumstances, do not open “shoot to kill” fire, unless it comes to saving your life. And in any situation remain human,” appeals the former chief of staff.

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