Dnepropetrovsk residents ask Kuchma to have a word with Putin

Dnepropetrovsk residents wrote an open letter asking ex-President Leonid Kuchma to get involved in crisis management in Ukraine as currently there is no one to represent Ukraine is in talks with Russia, noted social activist Alexander Lygin.

“But we still want these countries to get to the negotiating table, so we ask Leonid Kuchma to “plug into” this situation. We also hope that he will attract to the negotiations Bill Clinton,” said the activist.

In the open letter, Dnipropetrovsk residents called Kuchma wise and far-sighted politician, the only active political leader who can organise and join negotiations with the Russian leadership on the future of Ukrainian-Russian relations and the fate of Crimea.

“For the President of the Russian Federation, new Ukrainian government is illegitimate. It is very important to start the negotiation process and to stop the escalation of the conflict,” says the open letter.

The authors of the letter ask Kuchma to demonstrate his strength and wisdom, to start talks with Putin.

“You are a politician and the man who signed the “Great Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation”. This gives you absolute moral right to represent the interests of Ukraine in this difficult historical situation,” write residents of Dnipropetrovsk.

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