Parubiy frightens Ukraine with Russian aggression

Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Andrey Parubiy said at a press conference on March 12 that there are numerous groups of the armed forces of the Russian Federation near the Ukrainian border.

According to him, there are up to 80 thousand troops, 270 tanks, 370 artillery systems, 140 combat aircraft, 40 helicopters and 19 combat ships and boats stationed on the border.

Andrew Parubiy believes that Ukraine is threatened with full-scale invasion of Russian troops.

Tomorrow, on March 13, Ukrainian parliament intends to adopt initiated by NSDC bill on the National Guard, to be formed on the basis of internal troops and subordinated to the Ministry of Interior. The plan of partial mobilization specifies mobilisation of up to 20,000 volunteers to the National Guard. Parubiy is confident that the organisation will joined by fighters from Kiev’s Maidan.

Secretary of NSDC did not specify how such unit would be able to ensure national security in a modern war. According to experts, the National Guard can be used to solve mostly political problems.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the press conference on March 4 that Russia has no intention to occupy Ukraine. According to him, the Russian troops could be used in Ukraine only in extreme case.

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