Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry demands cancellation of Russian parliament's decision on possibility of sending troops to Ukraine

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demands to cancel the approval of the Supreme Council of Russia issued on March 1 and authorising the Russian President to use the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, said on the briefing Yevgeniy Perebiynis, Director of Information Policy Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

The Foreign Ministry invited Russia’s Charge d'Affaires in Ukraine, who was given the notes containing an appeal to the Russian side to cancel even the potential use of the armed forces and to revoke the decision of the Supreme Council dated March 1.

The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated its absence of intentions to send troops to Ukraine. At the press conference on March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that military force could be used on the territory of Ukraine only in extreme cases.

Asking the Supreme Council to approve limited use of armed forces, Vladimir Putin explained this by extraordinary situation in Ukraine and the possible threat to the lives of Russian citizens.

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