Temirgaliev: the Crimea has no problems with food and energy

The socio-economic situation in the autonomy remains stable. The Crimea is being supplied with water, gas and electricity from the mainland and the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea makes food stocks in case of emergency situations and provocations of Kiev after March 16. Now the transfer to rouble zone is preparing: Russian banks register their offices on the peninsula.

According to the statement made by the first Vice Prime Minister of the Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev on March 12 at the press conference in Simferopol, the Crimea is preparing to enter the rouble zone. According to him, representatives of the largest Russian banks work in the republic in order to open their offices and to ensure functioning of the Russian currency in full.

"As for hryvna, we have problems with bringing the cash to the Crimea from the side of Kiev, but we are working on this problem. The daily need of the Crimea in cash is approximately 130 million UAH, there is enough cash till the end of March in the offices of the National Bank of Ukraine," Rustam Temirgaliev noted.

According to him, new personal accounts are being prepared for pensioners in offices of Russian banks for timely payment of pensions, and, most likely, pensions will be paid in roubles since April.

"We receive all information about availability of food on major stores. With the support of the Ministry for Emergency Situations we prepare food reserves in case of inadequate reaction of Kiev and blocking channels of supply of food from the mainland," the first deputy head of the Council of Ministers of the Crimea emphasized.

He told that today the republic received its own electricity (although not at a sufficient level) from the Crimean heat electro-power station (Simferopol), Kamysh-Burunskaya heat electro-power station (Kerch) and Sevastopol heat electro-power station. 200 mobile diesel plants may be used in case of unforeseen circumstances. The authorities consider the possibility of building the combined-cycle power plant on the Kerch peninsula.

"We have no problems with gas. About 970 million cubic meters of gas is pumped into Glebovskoe underground gas storage, which is enough for the annual supply of the Crimea. There is no deficit of drinking water, all storage pools are almost completely filled, so that there will be no problems in case Kiev illegally blocks access to water of the Dnieper," Rustam Temirgaliev informed.

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