Russian cultural figures supported the policy of Putin towards the Crimea

Bezrukov, Gergiev, Tabakov, Khazanov, Leshchenko, Lanovoy, Lungin, Bashmet Zapashniy, Boyarskiy, Senchina and dozens of other artists expressed support for the policy of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin towards the Crimea and Ukraine.

She wrote an open letter to the President of the Russian Federation.  "In the days when the fate of the Crimea and of our compatriots is being decided, workers of Russian culture cannot be indifferent observers with a cold heart. Our common history and common origins, our culture and its spiritual origins, our fundamental values and language brought us together forever. We want the community of our peoples and our cultures to have the lasting future. That is why we strongly declare our support for the position of the President of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine and the Crimea," the letter says.

For the moment 85 people put their names under the open letter to the President, but the list may grow.

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