Ukrainians buy armoured vehicles

Demand for armoured vehicles in Ukraine is up 18 times. Residents are much more interested in proposals for the sale of used armoured vehicles than ever before.

According to experts, in the last month the number of those wishing to buy armoured vehicle increased 18 times to the year before. Peak value was recorded on March 3. Already in December last year, the demand for armoured vehicles has doubled, again rising 7-fold in January-February 2014, informs the site reports

Armoured vehicles are used to deliver troops, material assets, to evacuate casualties. There are also civilian version of armoured vehicles (used in rescue service, difficult terrain or in firefighting).

On March 11, Igor Tenyukh acting Defence Minister, informed about the sorry state of the Ukrainian army. “We placed all the armed forces on alert. All armed forces occupied shooting ranges in line with exercise plans, on eastern and in the southern directions, but the result is disappointing,” quotes the Acting Minister the NTV channel.

According to the head of department, Ukrainian ground forces consist of 41,000 people. Of them only 6,000 soldiers are ready for deployment.

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