Bandages, sleeping bag, camouflage are the reasons for border stopping

Over the last week, border guards at state border crossing points in Donetsk region of Ukraine turned back about 700 of Russian citizens, said Colonel Yuri Lysyuk, head of the Donetsk border detachment, at press briefing on Tuesday.

“The border security has been enhanced. Over the last week, some 700 people were disallowed entry to Ukraine,” said the head of the border detachment.

Lysyuk also said that, in particular, on March 10, the guards returned two Russian citizen from the “Ilovaisk” railway station. “They had a bag with camouflage clothes, sleeping bag, various surgical dressings, bandages, etc.,” he said.

At the same time, Lysyuk noted that guards this week allowed through the Russian-Ukrainian border more than 2,000 people.

“We are letting through many Russians because they have stamps indicating that they live in Ukraine, especially in the border areas. Some Russian citizens live in Ukraine but commute to work to Russia, some are married to a citizen of Ukraine themselves being the citizens of Russia, some have children who are citizens of Ukraine, we let them through, too,” said the head of the detachment.

Earlier, First Deputy Chief of the State Border Service Pavel Shisholin reported that since March 3, Ukraine turned back about 3,500 Russians, including 16 journalists, “whose presence on the territory of Ukraine is undesirable”. “Every day, the guards deny entry to about 500 people,” said Shisholin at the government meeting in Kiev on March 9.

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