Kharkov stadium Metalist may return to the city

The buyer of Metalist stadium did not pay the full cost of the stadium to Kharkov Regional Council. The Regional Council has already submitted several complaints to the “SK Stadion Metalist”, the company that won the sales tender for the stadium, said Sergey Chernov, chairman of the Kharkov Regional Council, at the briefing on March 11.

“If the company does not honour its obligations, we will act in the legal field to protect the interests of the territorial community,” he said.

Chernov said he does not rule out the transfer of the Metalist stadium into a communal ownership. At the same time, he said, there is no obligation to refund the company the already paid amount. “This is not required by law. Today, over UAH 100 million have been transferred,” said Chernov.

He added that the problem with the stadium prevails because of continued litigation. “Courts continue to tie our hands, so that we cannot solve the problem completely. If the company that won the tender does not pay the entire sum, we would file for penalty charges and demand fulfilment of the contract conditions,” he said.

The "Metalist" stadium was sold on August 27, 2013 for UAH 674.522 million. The “SK Stadion Metalist” is a part of the “Metalist” FC owned by Sergei Kurchenko, head of VETEK Supervisory Board.

According to the sales contract signed on August 30, 2013, the full amount should have been paid within one month from the date of signing. The entire amount, except the VAT (UAH 122 million) will remain in the regional budget.

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