The Ukrainian ombudsman: Ukraine lost the information war in the Crimea

The authorized representative of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on human rights Valeriya Lutkovskaya in the air of 5 Channel stated that Ukraine lost the information war in the Crimea and already lost the opportunity to participate in it.

"There is a rigid information war in the Crimea in addition to all military actions that take place there, which Ukraine was losing, and now Ukraine was simply suspended from it," she said.

According to Lutkovskaya, inhabitants of the Crimea today have no source of objective information about the actions of the central authorities of Ukraine. At the same time, Valeriya Lutkovskaya did not specify in which regions of the Crimea military actions are held.

Previously the Supreme Council of the Crimea recognized the new power of Ukraine illegitimate and took control over the functioning of the peninsula. At the session held on March 6 in the Crimea it was decided to join the Crimea to Russia as a subject of the Russian Federation.  78 deputies out of 81 present voted in favor of this decision.

Yesterday, on March 11 the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and Sevastopol issued a joint declaration about their independence from Ukraine. Such a decision was approved by the absolute majority of deputies of the Crimean parliament.

On March 16 the referendum will take place on the peninsula, during which each citizen will be able to express opinion about the future status of the Crimea. If residents of the peninsula will agree with the decision of the Supreme Council of the Crimea the region will declare itself an independent state, and will issue a petition about joining Russia. The Crimean parliament declares that the international legislation confirms the right for self-determination and does not prohibit independent states to become the part of other independent states. Crimean deputies refer to UN rules and the precedent with Kosovo. They do not confirm information about any ongoing actions on the territory of the peninsula in the Crimea.

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