Shevchenko District Court of Kiev left the people's governor Gubarev in custody (Photo)

Shevchenko District Court of Kiev left the "people's governor" of Donetsk region Pavel Gubarev in custody for two months. According to the spouse of Gubarev Ekaterina, "the court refused from agreements that were made earlier and did not release Pavel Gubarev on bail, the money for which was gathered with the help of people. Herewith, the money was paid in full and on time."

According to her, the case against Gubarev was re-qualified, and he was accused in organization of mass disturbances. "The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) should arrest all current representatives of Kiev junta in accordance with the article Organization of mass disturbances, but today all doors are open for neofascists in Ukraine. And patriots of Donbass may get only a gag and get arrested," Ekaterina Gubareva said.

According to activists of the People's Police in Donetsk, they intend to hold rallies, until their demands to release Gubarev and to hold a referendum will be heard. "If we have not come out from the very beginning to declare about ourselves, the situation will only worsen with the course of time, and the current power will suppress completely the Russian population of Donbass. People here must be heard. Everybody knows that many Russians and Russian-speaking people live on the territory of Donetsk Region, and one should take into consideration their opinion," the statement of activists says.

As was previously reported, rallies of many thousands of people called Russian Spring demanding to hold the referendum, to give Russian language the status of an official language and to release Pavel Gubarev take place in Donetsk several days in a row.

Pavel Gubarev was arrested by the SBU on  March 6 in Donetsk at the secret address and was sent to Kiev.  After his detention mass unrest began in the city, supporters of Gubarev tried to release their leader. It was expected that he would be released on bail in the amount of 80 thousand UAH.

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