Dnepropetrovsk food prices spiral

Dnipropetrovsk region is the leader by price growth for the components of the product basket. Only meat price remains so far at the same level.

According to region’s statistics office, at the end of February the prices went up for butter, sunflower oil, sugar, eggs and fruit. Potatoes cost UAH 8 per kg, apples - UAH 10, cucumbers - UAH 40. In general, the cost of the food basket increased by a record UAH 47.

Increase in food prices affected all cities of Ukraine, to a greater or lesser degree. Over the country, the median price rise is 3.3%, in Dnepropetrovsk - 7.1%.

In Kharkov, the food basket has risen by only 3.8%. Potatoes went up by one hryvnia, cucumbers - by five, though eggs cost almost double. At the same time, kefir, butter, flour and fish now cost less.

The prices grew least in Zaporozhie - only 0.5%.

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