Kharkov residents helped zoo to collect over UAH 1 million

Over the weekend, Kharkov zoo managed to collect more than UAH 1 million - with the help of Kharkov residents who responded to the call for help with food for the animals, said director of the zoo Alexei Grigoriev today.

Over this period, the zoo visited almost 80,000 people, boosting the revenue to about UAH 940,000. Private entrepreneurs gave more than UAH 200,000 as a charity support. Kharkov zoo director thanked Kharkovites for their support.

“When the zoo was in trouble, all the city residents decided to help. Kharkovites and farmers brought grain, vegetables, fruits. But we are supported not only by Kharkov residents. We’re getting phone calls from Kharkovites who now live in Jerusalem, Moscow, Munich, Sydney, Toronto, Krasnoyarsk. For example, tomorrow people in Krasnoyarsk will start collecting funds to help the zoo. The same is happening in other cities,” said Alexey Grigoriev.

According to him, the funding situation today has not changed: the city authorities made all necessary provisions, but the Treasury has not transferred the money, about UAH 800,000.

According to Alexei Grigoriev, the collected money will keep the zoo going at least until the end of March. The zoo hopes that by then the funding situation will change and money from the Treasury will come through.

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