National Council calls for ban of Russian TV channels

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio requires providers to stop relaying Russian TV channels "Vesti", "Russia 24", ORT (First Channel Global Network), "RTR Planeta", "NTV Mir” starting 19:00 on March 11. The National Council also recommends rebroadcasting on Ukraine networks the TV channels ATR, GTRK "Crimea" and the Black Sea TRK.

“National regulator calls up an urgent meeting with heads of program services and the largest providers of Ukraine for 14:00 on March 12,” reported the National Council.

National Council explains the demands by the need to ensure information security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

First cases of disabling Russian channels in Ukraine appeared on March 4, when Kiev Internet and cable TV provider “Lanet” suspended broadcast of three Russian channels for “propaganda and a violation of Ukrainian legislation”.

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