Kharkov has sufficient means to be sustainable - the Mayor

Kharkov has enough money for the improvement and rehabilitation of urban facilities, said city Mayor Gennady Kernes during the briefing in the press centre of the City Council on March 11. At the same time, the Mayor said, getting the money depends on the State Treasury, which now almost stopped transferring the funds specified in the city budget.

“We are ready to repair porches, roofs, roads, to plant flowers, to finance other work aimed at ensuring the life of the city. But currently we are hostage to the circumstances. An example is the situation with the Kharkov zoo, when the city has allocated the necessary funds, but the state did not transfer the money,” said Gennady Kernes.

He also noted that Kharkov, being a home to 1.5 million people, should not experience any economic or political shocks. “I've always worked for the revival and the greatness of the city. I was born in Kharkov, lived in Kharkov and I will anyway live here. And in the case of any charges, Kharkov residents will be my defence,” said the Mayor.

He also added that the major challenge faced by both local and central authorities is to unite Ukraine and work for its revival and development.

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