Chernov: arrest of Dobkin reminds arrest of the ex-governor Kushnaryov

The chair of Kharkov Regional Council Sergey Chernov stated that detention of Mikhail Dobkin resembled the arrest of the people's deputy, the former governor of Kharkov region Yevgeniy Kushnaryov eight years ago. According to Chernov, charges in separatism towards Dobkin are farfetched, and the ex-governor called only to decentralization of the authority, without questioning the border of the region and the country.

The Prosecutor General's Office began the investigation after the speech made by the ex-governor of Kharkov region Dobkin on February 12 in Kharkov during the round table called Social, Economic and Political Processes in the Post-Crisis Ukraine. The supervisory department notes that Mikhail Dobkin talked about actions aimed at establishment of the New Russian Union.

In June 2005 Evgeniy Kushnaryov, as one of organizers of the congress in Severodonetsk, was also charged with separatism. Kushnaryov was arrested on August 17, 2005 on charges in abuse of power. Pechersk District Court of Kiev prolonged the arrest for the period of up to 10 days. The party of Kushnaryov New Democracy made a number of political statements and held pickets in connection with the arrest of its leader. The ex-governor announced a hunger strike during his stay in custody. After the eight-day arrest Kushnaryov was set free and the case was closed for lack of legally defined crime in September 2006. In January 2008 Kushnaryov was killed during hunting in the forest near Kharkov.

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