Yanukovych: the new illegal authorities are responsible for the fact that the Crimea is separating

On March 11 during the press-conference in Rostov-on-don Viktor Yanukovych stated that the illegal Ukrainian authorities will soon answer for all "torments of people."

In his opinion, the new authorities are responsible for the fact that the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea wants to separate from Ukraine.

"You, those who illegally captured power, will answer sooner or later (most probably sooner) for your orders to shoot at people. You will answer for torments of people," Yanukovych appealed to the current authorities, "Ukraine is going through a difficult period. Your actions led to the fact that the Crimea is separating, that even at the point of a gun population of south-east requires respect for themselves and their rights."

Yanukovych noted that soon everything would resume its natural course and the country would unite. "We are living through this discord. People that you have fooled will begin to see clearly. The country will cheer up and will unite," he said and finished his statement with the words from the anthem of Ukraine: "Ukraine has not yet died, the glory and the freedom!"

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