Today Verkhovna Rada plans to adopt a statement about illegality of the referendum in the Crimea

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine began its ordinary session. 347 deputies registered in the session hall.

Deputies are going to adopt the statement about the termination of the decision of the Supreme Council of Crimea dated March 6, 2014, (regarding the referendum), and the bill about rehabilitation of persons, who were illegally sentenced.

The agenda for Tuesday contains as well a bill about amendments of the law About elections of deputies to the Supreme Council of the Crimea, local councils and city councils, relating technological and legal improvements of elections.

Before the beginning of the session deputies went through the so-called "corridor of shame", the speaker of parliament Arseniy Yatsenyk was greeted with shouts "Shame."

The referendum in the Crimea about the status of the peninsula is scheduled on March 16. On this day 1,250 polling stations will be open in the autonomy. International observers, including from OSCE, whose delegation was recently not allowed to enter the peninsula, were invited to attend the all-Ukrainian referendum.

According to Election Committee of the Crimea, the fact that the access to the registry of electorate is closed by Kiev will not affect the voting. And salaries, pensions and social benefits, blocked on the accounts of the treasury of the Crimea, according to the Council of Ministers, will be paid on time and in full.

Kiev authorities have repeatedly stated that they consider this referendum illegal and do not recognize its results.

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