The prosecutor's office of Kharkov took the double murder on Lenin Avenue under control

Investigative department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region opened a criminal case on the fact of a deliberate murder of two residents of Kharkov, committed on March 9. The public prosecutor's office of Kharkov region took the investigation under control.

According to eyewitness, unknown person shot from a machine gun into the windows of a cafe on Lenin Avenue, where the victims were spending their time. After that the malefactor disappeared. The regional prosecutor's office is looking for witnesses of the accident.

As a result of the shooting a 45-year-old businessman and his 44-year-old friend died.  Moreover, the waiter of the cafe suffered. He was delivered to the hospital with a gunshot in his hand. Currently, his life is out of danger.

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