The State Duma of Russian will consider "The Ukrainian laws" after the Crimean referendum

Today during the briefing in Moscow the chairman of the Russian Parliament Sergey Narishkin has said that the State Duma of the Russian Federation will consider the bills, related to the simplified procedure of adopting the Russian citizenship, only after the Crimean referendum, that is, not earlier than March 17.

"Of course attention is centered on the events in Ukraine. You know that several bills, related to the simplified procedure of adopting the citizenship of the Russian Federation, were filed with the State Duma. The profile committee (on the constitutional law and state formation - nahnews), headed by Vladimir Pligin, offered to send the bill to committees and the other government authorities for its evaluation before March 17. Obviously, these bills can be considered during plenary sessions of the State Duma after March 17," said Sergey Narishkin.

The Supreme Council of the Crimean Autonomous Republic has scheduled conduct of all-Crimean referendum on the status and authority of the autonomy on March 16. 1250 polling stations will be open in the autonomy that day. International observers, including the ones from the OSCE, the delegation of which has recently been denied entry to the peninsula, were invited to the referendum.

According to the representative of the Crimean Supreme Council Vladimir Konstantinov, the referendum on the status of the peninsula will cost 16 million hryvnas ($1.7 million). "We have approved the referendum budget, which amounts to 16 million hryvnas, during today's session. We have also approved all the normative legal documents, necessary for its conduct," said Konstantinov.

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