The National Security Agency of the USA is eavesdropping on telephone conversations

Washington Post has reported that the National Security Agency of the USA was eavesdropping on the phone conversations of 35 world leaders.

The former employee of the NSA and CIA Edward Snowden has supplied the journalists with classified documents. The name of the high-ranking US official, who gave out the numbers of the eavesdropped phones, is not disclosed. Out of 200 numbers on the list 35 appeared to belong to the world leaders.

Shortly thereafter a scandal burst out over the information that the telephone conversations of the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel were being eavesdropped. Without the aid of diplomatic channels Miss Merkel has immediately presented the US president Barack Obama with an ultimatum during a private telephone conversation. In return Angela Merkel received assurances, that the information on eavesdropping of the world leaders was incorrect.

Responding to accusation of NSA of USA in espionage, Barack Obama said that the United States had no espionage programs inside of the country. However, there are mechanisms, which allow monitoring a telephone number or an e-mail address, which might be connected to a terrorist attack.

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