Temirgaliev Ukraine’s Enterprises Will Become Crimea’s Property

The first Vice-Premier of the ARC Rustam Temirgaliev stated that all Ukrainian state enterprises located in the territory of Crimea that use natural resources of the Peninsula, will be nationalized. First of all Crimean authorities plan to nationalize the Fleet of the naval forces of Ukraine and state stock company «Chernomorneftegaz». The list isn’t completed yet. Crimean autonomy will nationalize subsurface companies use and solar power firms.


Earlier, Prime Minister of Crimea Sergey Aksenov has assured that re-privatization after the possible accession of the Republic in Russia Crimeans will not be affected. The entire property, including land, property, enterprises is private business and it all will be re-registered in accordance with Russian legislation.


«I can say that for sure, there will not be reprivatization. We can guarantee this. But all state-owned enterprises, which are connected with energy resources, will become the property of autonomy. Energy and natural resources belong to the people of autonomy,» Prime Minister said.

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