In Crimea because of hurricane de-energized 46 localities

Crimea is suffering from the bad weather. Because of hurricane, 46 localities were de-energized. 32 rescue crews of «Krymenergo» are involved in the restoration of power supply.

According to «Krymenergo» during the last day rescuers made around 30 exits to regulate the consequences of the hurricane.


Thus, in Dzhankoy in Krupskaya Str. in 16:45 a poplar, growing in the yard of the kindergarten under the gusts of wind fell on the car VAZ-2108, passing the road. The driver did not lose his courage and pushed gas, literally escaping from under the powerful tree trunk to hit him.


The tree also damaged power cord and line connection. The driver got a hand injury and multiple bruises.

Fortunately, VAS there were no passengers in a dented salon.


Due to harsh weather conditions in the Peninsula there was an extended storm warning until April 18. Crimean residents are asked to preserve precautions.

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