Crimea’s rising: “We're going home!” (PHOTO)

Thousands of people came out on Sunday in support of the referendum on the status of Crimea. They are chanting, “We're going home!”

Rally on Lenin Square in Simferopol gathered some 12,000 Crimeans. People of different ages and nationalities held flags of Crimea and Russia, as well as posters “Russia means peace in Crimea”, “For Crimea’s future with Russia”, “Crimea for the referendum”. The general mood was upbeat, people readily responded to appeals of the representatives of the new Crimean government.

The speeches were given by the chairman of the Supreme Council of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov, chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Temirgaliev, and People's Deputy of Ukraine Vitalina Dzoz.

“Yesterday, we returned from Moscow with the good news. Fraternal people of Russia take us into their hands. We will be the subject of the Russian Federation. All we need is to come on March 16 to Crimea-wide referendum. So without moving anywhere we’re returning to the Motherland,” informed the crowd from the stage the Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov.

Rustam Temirgaliev in his speech assured Crimeans that in the case of accession to Russia they can expect higher pensions and salaries, better economic development. “Russia is ready to help Crimeans, to invest in Crimea,” he said. Temirgaliev also thanked the Russian Federation for their help in the difficult period and their desire to contribute to the prosperity of the Crimean peninsula.

The rally continued with a festive concert, given by Song and Dance Ensemble of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, choreographic ensemble “Cimmeria”, vocal performers.

Similar rallies in support of the referendum and the annexation of the Crimea as a subject to Russian Federation were held in other Crimean cities - Yalta, Sudak, etc.

On March 6, the Crimean parliament decided to join the Crimea to Russia via Crimea-wide referendum on March 16, which will have two questions: return of the peninsula the 1992 Constitution and the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

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