People seized Lugansk Regional State Administration and put up the Russian flag (updated, VIDEO)

Mass rally in support of the referendum on the status of the eastern regions of Ukraine is held now on the central square of Lugansk. During the rally, activists beaten up EuroMaidan supporters who also held a rally on the same square.

After that, about a thousand members of the “Russian Spring” rally in Lugansk stormed the Regional State Administration, placing Russian flag on top of it. The police did not interfere.

Currently activists are in the seized building. They intend to declare a referendum and seek the Russia’s support.

As of 15:00, protesters forced the governor of Lugansk region Mikhail Bolotskih to resign. Now there is information about a possible assault on regional Interior Ministry and local TV channels.

People's Governor of Lugansk region Alexander Kharitonov commented the events, saying “people have gathered to a quiet meeting but supporters of the current government began to block them. They were forced to storm the administration. Now, Regional State Administrations is now under our full control. Kiev-appointed Governor wrote a letter of resignation. There is almost no victims; the police retreated. We now ask for any help, we ask all the fellow countrymen to come to the center and to defend the city of Lugansk. The main requirement - holding a referendum on region’s secession from Ukraine.”

Assault on the administration

Bolotskih writes the resignation application

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