“Power to the people” rally held in Dnepropetrovsk (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Members of the rally near Dnepropetrovsk Opera and Ballet Theater appealed to the City Council and the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada asking to reinforce the power of the people. People came with flags of the USSR, Ukraine SSR, the national flags of Belarus and the Russian Federation. The protesters also held banners of such organizations as “Union of Soviet Officers”, Communist Party and “Russian Bloc” party. Many had St. George's ribbons on their clothes.

Several hundred of rally members supported the text of the resolution with the list of requirements, including:

- Recognition as illegitimate the acting president and his decrees;

- Ensuring the safety and integrity of monuments and cancellation of renaming of the Lenin Square;

- Prohibition of transfers to the state budget pending full payment of pensions and salaries;

- Making Russian a second state language;

- Conducting a nationwide referendum.

The participants observed a minute of silence in memory of “Berkut” riot police who died during the recent events in Kiev.

After the rally, the participants walked “anti-fascist march” to the Petrovsky Square. Here the protesters planned for the next meeting, to be held following Sunday, March 16; the activists plan to establish a five-meter Red Star monument in memory of Soviet soldiers killed by UPA soldiers.

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