An ancient entrance to the Tartarus was discovered in Turkey

The mythical gates of Hades and a statue of the guard of the gates, a dog with the tree heads, Cerberus were discovered in the Turkish tourist center Pamukkale, which is located in place of the ancient city Hierapolis. The discovery was made by the Italian archaeologists, who were carrying out excavations on the ruins of the ancient city Hierapolis.

The marble sculpture of the dog beast, which is 1.5 meters in height, was situated next to the stone statue of a rolled serpent, which is a symbol of the the underworld of Hades. The discoveries gave experts the grounds to confirm that the discovered cave, detected in spring of 2013 in Turkey, is "the gates of Hades".

Italian scientists noticed that there are the trunks of dead birds in front of the entrance to the cave. Measurements have shown that their death was caused by the vapor of carbon dioxide, which is constantly coming out of the cave. This phenomenon was described by the ancient Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero in the 1st century B.C., when he visited Hierapolis, which was a popular resort with hot springs in the ancient Rome.

Currently the group of archaeologists continues to work on the ruins of an ancient city.

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