The European Union does not want to participate in the tripartite negotiations with Ukraine and Russia

As reported by the head of the EU mission in Russia Vygaudas Usackas, the European Union does not see an opportunity to include Russia to the negotiations of Ukraine and the EU about the Association; the dialog may be carried out only on a bilateral basis.

The European official commented on the statement of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the fact that Russia is ready to participate in tripartite negotiations Russia - the EU - Ukraine to solve the issues, related to the possible signing of the Association Agreement. RIA News reports that Usackas stressed the fact that the negotiations can be conducted only on a bilateral basis.

"The reaction of the EU is that we especially appreciate our relations with Russia and with Ukraine, and we are ready to discuss different issues, including the issue of the trade relations based on our joint commitments to WTO. But the negotiations regarding the contracts with the Russian Federation, regarding a new basic agreement, and with Ukraine, regarding the Association and the free-trade area, may be conducted only on a bilateral basis," Usackas said.

As was previously reported, on November 21 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine entrusted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and the Ministry of Industrial Policy to offer to Russia and the EU to create a commission and to hold the tripartite negotiations regarding the disputable issues of external trade.

"To offer to the European Union and to the Russian Federation to form a commission on a tripartite basis in order to develop a set of questions aimed at the restoration of lost volumes of production and directions of trade and economic relations, the expansion and the promotion of international trade, the further market liberalization, co-ordination of the regulatory base for the improvement of the business operations; to resume an active dialog with the Russian Federation and other countries of the Customs Union and the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States about the recovery of the trade and economic relations in order to preserve and strengthen the economic capacity of the state by combined efforts," is written in this order.

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