The technology of laying a gas pipeline in difficult conditions was mastered in Donetsk region

The technology of laying a gas pipeline in the conditions of mine working was mastered in the town of Kurakhovo in Donetsk region; new gas pipeline was put into operation. As noted by the chairman of Donetsk Regional Government Administration Andrey Shishatsky, thousands of residents in 900 households of Kurakhovo town have received access to natural gas.Six million hryvnas were spent from the local budget for the construction of the first stage of gas pipeline, the length of which is 5 kilometers.

According to the governor of Donetsk region, the modern technology, which were applied during the gas pipeline construction, will ensure the safety the gas pipeline in difficult conditions of mine working.

Since the settlement is surrounded with mines on all sides, soil subsidence became one of the main difficulties when laying gas pipeline.For solution of problems the contractor used polyethylene pipes with a modern coating, as well as thermistor welding, which will allow to increase the the service life of the gas pipeline to 100 years.

Just this year this technology was used for laying 1 thousand km of polyethylene gas pipelines.

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