Crimea’s pensions and salaries lower than in any Russian region

Pensions and salaries in the Ukrainian Crimea are lower than in the most depressed regions of the Russian Federation.

“According to the average wage, the autonomy would have taken the last place in the Russian Federation with 12,483 roubles at the current exchange rate. Now the lowest wage is in Dagestan - 17,100 roubles. Also, Crimea would be last by pensions (5,541 roubles in 2013). In Russia, the worst pensions are also in Dagestan - 7,800 roubles,” says the article of “Kommersant” magazine.

“There is no question of unprofitability whatsoever. Crimea could even become the donor territory. I was always amazed that the Ukrainian authorities underestimate such a gem. Every year I'm in the Crimea, it is the best place by climate, by grape production, it could expand resort and hotel base inherited from the Soviet times. Small and medium-sized businesses could develop fisheries, horticulture, servicing and mini-hotels,” tells ex-speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev to the magazine.

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