“Donbass” wins 2:0 in the series with Riga’s “Dinamo”

Donetsk club successfully completed its first fights in the playoffs of the Continental Hockey League.

In yesterday's match in 1/8 of the Gagarin Cup final, “Donbass” defeated “Dinamo” Riga 5:2. Today, the confrontation was tenser. In the first period scored Laine Teemo, Finnish legionnaire of Ukrainian team.

In the beginning of the second period, a goal of Oleg Piganovich, “Donbass” legionnaire from Russia, doubled the advantage of the team. He beat a defender and threw the puck into the top-right of the gates. “Dynamo” forward Roberts Bukarts regained one goal, improving the score to 2:1. Riga team spent the third period attacking. In the end of the game, they even replaced the goalkeeper with sixth field player, but were caught on the counterattack. Laine Tay scored the pass, getting the puck into an empty net.

The score in the “up to 4 wins” series stands now at 2:0. Next two games will be held in Riga.

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