Bondarenko is appointed head of Kyiv city state administration

The MP of the faction «Batkivshchyna» Vladimir Bondarenko is appointed the new head of the Kyiv city state administration. Decree # 275/2014 on March 7, on his appointment was signed by the acting President Alexander Turchinov and published on its official website.


«In accordance with articles 112 and 118 of the Constitution of Ukraine, I decree: to appoint Vladimir Dmitrievich Bondarenko the head of Kyiv city state administration», the decree said.


First KCSA was headed by Vladimir Makeenko, a former resident of the presidium of the Party of regions. Let's remind, Makeenko,on February 20 (after the beginning of mass clashes in Kiev) announced his withdrawal from the Party of regions, promising to regulate the situation in the capital.


The Verkhovna Rada appointed extraordinary elections of the deputies of Kyiv council and city mayor on May 25, 2014, simultaneously with the early Presidential elections.


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